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Have ya heard? To combat the pitfalls and shortcomings and disadvantages that independent artists encounter after spending so much money chasing their dreams now success is in their control through this station. 


Yah Heard Radio is corporately based in Florida and is a global internet radio station infused with an entertainment business  networking hub for musicians, artists, film producers,  and businesses to cross promote and brand their products and services. For producers and artists we provide a commercial platform for independent artists that provides the promotional tools and assistance needed to manage your music business, build your fan base, gain access to discounted services, distribution, and get paid royalty checks! Just download our app from your play store or live stream from the home tab of our website. We have reps all over the world ready to introduce you to this opportunity. Contact us through the promotion tab for details, questions or to get started today. We are a family friendly station that plays a variety of music from all genres that will never bore you. We stream 24/7 non stop with commercial free music. Keep listening for access to all of your favorite genres of music in Top 40, R&B-Urban, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Pop, and a few surprises in between. "Yah Heard!"


Leah Justice - Marketing 

Denise Cross aka DJ Rah- Radio Programme Controller and Founder

Dj Dirty Di - Virginia Division




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